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Zinc Borate

  EPA & PMRA Registered 

 fungicide: wood composites  
flame retardant: plastic & rubber 


17 Hart Lane
Sewell, NJ 08080


Phone: +1 (856) 415 1374 
Fax:      +1 (856) 415 0227



Lord's Additives LLC is a woman-owned, New Jersey firm that provides quality
service to those requiring assistance with specialty chemical additives.  We act in
accordance with Biblical values and principles -- service to others, integrity,
honesty and dependability.

Using our international network Lord's providesour customers with high quality,
                                        affordable products such as zinc borate used as a fungicide in  applications such as                                              wood, plastic, wood-plastic and rubber.

Lord's has obtained four patents  involving
innovative additives for wood and wood-plastic uses.